finding comfort in contact lenses during computer work

finding comfort in contact lenses during computer work

Using Blue Light Filter Glasses

by Carolyn Martin

Blue light filter glasses are a relatively new type of eyewear that individuals that use computers or other digital devices for long periods of time may benefit from using. However, these glasses are still new enough that individuals may not choose to wear them due to having limited experience and knowledge about this type of eyewear.

Why Should You Consider Investing In Blue Light Filter Eyeglasses?

The artificial blue lights that are emitted by digital screens can be a major source of eye strain. Due to this problem, individuals may find that it becomes increasingly difficult for them to see the screen that they are looking at or they may suffer physical ailments, such as nausea and headaches, if they look at a screen for too long. Some individuals can be extremely sensitive to this type of light, which can result in them experiencing these ailments fairly soon after starting to use the digital screen. While other individuals may be able to use the screen for longer without suffering the most severe side effects of this problem, they may still find it increasingly difficult to focus.

Will Blue Light Filter Glasses Make It Harder To Read Screens?

Individuals may assume that these glasses will have a tint that makes it much harder to see the screen that they are looking at. However, the effects of any coloring of these lenses will be minimal. In fact, individuals that wear these glasses may find that they make screens considerably easier to read due to increasing the contrast. Furthermore, the reduction in eye strain can make it far easier to focus on the small text and other details of the screen that you are looking at. In fact, these glasses are often used by individuals that enjoy playing video games as they can reduce the eye strain that gaming for long periods of time can cause without impacting their performance.

What If You Need Prescription Glasses?

Individuals that need to wear prescription glasses will often assume that they are unable to use these glasses. However, it is entirely possible to get prescription lenses that are able to filter out the blue light from digital screens. Additionally, it may be possible to treat your existing glasses to improve their ability to filter out these wavelengths of light, but this will not be as effective as having lenses that are designed for this. In fact, individuals that need prescription lenses may benefit the most from these lenses as they can be at a much greater predisposition to experience eye strain. This is especially true when individuals have failed to update their prescription for several years.

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finding comfort in contact lenses during computer work

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