finding comfort in contact lenses during computer work

finding comfort in contact lenses during computer work

Digital Eye Strain Following Cataract Surgery

by Carolyn Martin

When you have cataract surgery, you should be aware of the real threat of digital eye strain. So many elements of life involve the use of digital screens. Unfortunately, those who have had cataract surgery are at a higher risk of suffering from digital eye strain. Here, you'll learn a little about the problem and what you can do to avoid it.

What causes digital eye strain?

All of the electronic devices that you use – your phone, computer and TV – all emit a digital blue light. The blue light is what causes the eye strain. High Energy Visible blue light really shouldn't be viewed all day every day. If you expose your eyes to this particular type of light for several hours each day, you could begin to suffer from very dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision and even trouble sleeping at night.There have been some studies performed with rodents that show that excessive exposure to the blue light can cause damage to the retina that cannot be repaired.

Who's at risk of digital eye strain?

Anyone who uses electronics or spends a lot of time in fluorescent lighting is at risk. Those who have had cataract surgery are at a greater risk than those with healthy eyes.

How do you prevent digital eye strain?

Sure, it would be nice to be able to just quit using your phone, computer and watching your television, but that just isn't plausible for most people. So, instead of eliminating these gadgets from your life, change the way that you use them.

Take Breaks Often – Every twenty minutes that you spend staring at your screens, take at least five minutes off. Do not look at your phone, computer or TV for five minutes.

Adjust Monitor Settings – You can use the monitor settings to reduce the blue tones. You can also dim the monitor. You don't want the monitor emitting a brighter light than the light that is in the room around you.

Purchase Specialty Glasses – Talk with your eye doctor about investing in glasses designed to filter out the blue light and protect your eyes while using electronics. The lenses filter and reflect the light and will help you see more clearly when using the gadgets.

Start with a conversation with your eye doctor to learn more about digital eye strain and to find out what you can do to protect yourself from causing further damage to your eyes.  


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finding comfort in contact lenses during computer work

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